ListApp is an online asset management application that combines inventory management with online sales distribution. ListApp is an Enterprise Solution spanning all the processes involved in Asset Management. The application begins with sourcing your inventory, whether it be straight purchase order or consignment arrangements.


You then list your items in inventory, this includes online forms that handle images and custom content as well as bar-code scanning and printing for company organization.

ListApp is not a shopping cart, but an eCommerce engine. We provide a multi-channel approach to eCommerce starting with push-button integration to eBay. We have also created a multi-site eCommerce platform titled Asset Groove which allows Listapp Users to have multiple shopping cart websites to properly market portions of their inventory. When the need arises for immediate asset liquidation, Listapp is integrated to which operates as a personal auction house.

While a single user can utilize ListApp, it supports multiple users that can support different roles per account from purchasing to sales to shipping. An advanced task manager and widget system lets you customize the system to fit your company. For those of you interested in the structural details of the application, I can also show you how it is designed to work and what is entailed therein. ListApp is fortunate to be using the following open source software distributions (Links available to info pages and download pages)